Betty Boop

Sunday Showstopper HeadingIt’s SUNDAY SHOWSTOPPER SNIPPET time, and I’ve got a cold, so it’s gonna be a quick one!

The obvious selection would have been ‘Adelaide’s Lament,’ from GUYS AND DOLLS, but that would have been too easy! Instead, I’m featuring a song made famous in a schtick by Fanny Brice, the legendary funny girl who became the subject of Broadway classic and Streisand career maker, FUNNY GIRL.

This song was NOT in that show. It was in the follow-up movie, FUNNY LADY, the film that focused on Fanny’s marriage to the great Billy Rose.

Now, stay with me, I’m going to eventually connect this directly to Broadway!

In the first official Betty Boop Cartoon, that was billed as a Betty Boop Cartoon (rather than one she just appeared in), Betty, the first and greatest cartoon sex symbol, performs a tribute to Fanny Brice, singing “I GOT A CODE IN MY DOZE,” the featured song for today’s Snippet.

Here’s the direct connection to Broadway

… are you ready? BETTY BOOP is going to be a Broadway musical! Yep, she’ll be Boop-Oop-a-Dooping on the Great White Way!

Mega producer and composer, DAVID FOSTER, has been working on a Betty musical for years. Last month, he picked up and moved to NYC to dedicate more time and energy to getting Betty on Broadway. We are hoping to see her soon!

Who do you think should play her?

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