Sunday Showstopper Heading The last Sunday Showstopper Snippet of 2017.

As many anxiously await the turning of the page in hopes of a healthier, happier and kinder 2018, one song immediately came to mind. Although it is not yet a “Broadway” showstopper, it certainly was a cinematic showstopper and Billboard mega-hit, and will, without doubt, become the Broadway Showstopper of 2018 VERY soon.

This snippet comes from the 2014 Academy Awards show. Enjoy, sing along, and take it to heart – “LET IT GO” from “FROZEN,” as performed by the incredible, Idina Menzel.

FROZEN will arrive on Broadway on February 22, 2018, with official opening night set for mid-March, 2018 at Broadway’s St. James Theatre. Tix are going fast for this one. If you plan on going, be warned, the St. James has a ridiculously high stage, so, unless you are VERY tall (and, if you are, PLEASE don’t sit in front of me!), you may want to buy tickets at least 6 rows from the stage. Also, avoid the first 2 rows of the Mezzanine – the lighting trusses tend to protrude out from the bottom of the Mezz, causing everyone in the first row to lean forward for clear viewing, and everyone in the second row to lean forward to see over the first row leaners. Haven’t read anywhere that Disney is doing any theatre renovations to fix these viewing issues, so choose your tix accordingly!

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