WRECIPE WEDNESDAY… A Special Visit with Chef Sam and Kim

Wonton Tree and Chef Sam

Wrecipe Wednesday with Chef Sam and Kim
I had the overwhelming joy of hooking up with the funny and talented Kim Anh of PLATE ART FOR KIDS last week to discuss, laugh and share about her amazing food art and her adorable little superstar, Chef Sam.

Kim is a busy mom who had the genius idea of encouraging her picky-eater, precocious little 3-year old, Sam, to try new foods by turning her meals into works of art. Be sure to look at her website and follow her to see her creations. That little trick turned into a hobby and a blog, and expanded to having little Sam assist with preparation.

Kim and “Chef Sam” have now made several videos with Sam being the master chef, demonstrating a number of recipes. The recipes look delicious, and I will be trying several, but, the highlight is little Sam’s charm and talent.

Watch the video and fall in love with Chef Sam and the off-screen directing and creativity of mommy, Kim.  Be sure to watch the outtakes at the end! I’m certain you will fall in love with them as I have and will want to jump over to her site to get the recipe details and the instructions on building a Wonton Tree. Not only will her food art work wonders on picky little eaters, but they would be beautiful presentations at fancy dinner parties!  Serve the Wonton Tree on a beautiful plate with a golden charger and individual gilded soup pitchers (like the ones pictured, below), and watch the impressed looks on the faces of your guests.

For full recipe, click HERE.    ♥    For step-by-step instructions to create Wonton Tree, click HERE.

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