TRAVEL TUESDAY… SandYachting Around The World

Sand Yacht Racing

Okay, tell me how many of you have ever heard of this or seen this …. have you?  I never have!  This video was shared on Facebook by a friend of mine (who shared from a friend of hers) who lives in a little town in Ireland – Bettystown (that’s how I heard about it!); it’s from yesterday’s European SandYacht Championship. They even hold World Championships! Recent locations have been USA (Nevada), France, Belgium, and Argentina, and they get hundreds of entries from all over the world!

Does it look like fun? I thought so, until I read that they get these puppies going over 120 mph!

Want to plan a trip around this big event? The next World Championship will be in 2018 in St. Peter Ording Germany.

Apparently, this sport has been around for a LONG time …

Early Sandyacht Transportation Vehicle
Early Sandyacht Transportation Vehicle
1917 Sandyacht Racing
1917 Sandyacht Racing
Early 1900's Sandyacht, Brooklyn, NY
Early 1900’s Sandyacht, Brooklyn, NY








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