TRAVEL TUESDAY… 5 Perfect Gifts for Travelers

Travel Gift Heading

‘Tis the season!  As everyone starts wracking their brains for that perfect gift for that special person, I thought I’d share a few ‘perfect’ gifts for that traveler in your life!

5 Perfect Gifts for Travelers

1)  Aromatherapy Sleep Mask – Studies have shown that lavender aromatherapy may slow the activity of the nervous system, improving sleep quality and promoting relaxation, all of which can help a traveler get in a few Zzzzzz on that night-flight, turning a “red-eye” flight into a “rested” flight.  Look for something silky and large enough to block out the reading light of your fellow travelers.  I got mine at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Maui, Hawaii, but there are many nice ones on the market, like this one!

2) RFID Blocking Passport Cover – Identity theft is on the rise, so give that world-travelling loved one a little peace of mind with an RFID blocking Passport wallet.  This is good for the international traveller, or the traveller who lives in one of the 9 States who has not complied with or filed for an extension under the Real ID law (they will have to start carrying their Passport with them on domestic flights in 2018).  There are lots of nice options, some with zippers, some with areas to store credit cards and cash.  This one is fun and different!

3) Luggage Cover – If you have someone on your gift list who has a really generic suitcase – one that looks like everyone else’s, so hard to spot on a luggage carousel, this is a great and affordable gift idea!  This also works well for that special someone with high-end luggage that they want to protect from those greasy conveyer belts.  Put some clothes on that suitcase with a luggage cover!  Most are washable and come in a variety of sizes.  This one has a sense of humor, especially for photography lovers!

4) Compression Packing Bags – I LOVE these bags!  It’s amazing how much more stuff you can squeeze into a carry-on suitcase if you can roll the air out of your clothes!  If you’re packing gifts for the holidays, you can compress your clothes for the trip, then let them expand after you play ‘Santa!’  I also like using them to keep the dirty clothes away from my clean clothes when travel hopping from one place to another.  Always pack an empty spare or two to protect yourself against a broken zipper.  The bags are very sturdy, but nothing is indestructable (especially if you have long finger nails like I do!).

5) Compact Mini Travel Umbrella – Unless you’re travelling between Southern California and Hawaii this winter, you have a really good chance of getting caught in the rain!  Keep your travelling loved ones nice and dry with a tiny umbrella that can fit in their pocket, carry-on or handbag.  This one comes in lots of colors, has a lifetime warranty, and comes with a small, waterproof zip-case!


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