TUESDAY… Being Transported through Dance

julianne hough - dance

Be transported by emotionally raw, riveting dance and the true expression of a woman adding “life” to her years.

Last night on DWTS, Julianne​ ​Hough​ ​and ​Alexander​ ​Jean performed a contemporary dance choreographed by Marinda Davis as an expression of her own experience and love of life – “Wouldn’t​ ​Change​ ​Anything.”

Marinda Davis is a dancer and choreographer, who just happened to be diagnosed with seven auto-immune diseases that left her terminally ill.

Marinda is the founder and choreographer of “marinspired; the storytellers” – a contemporary dance company dedicated to the art of storytelling through dance. Her 2016 work, “UNbreakable,” won high acclaim in the L.A. area. The full length piece examined a tight knit group “navigating their way through the sometimes harsh realities of life. In loss … we can free fall, or, we can attempt to hold on to each other, recognizing our triumphs and traumas as universally shared experiences. ‘UNbreakable’ tells a story of our endurance through the emotional and physical fight, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit, that link us in a struggling, UNbreakable bind.”

Alexander Jean

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