SATURDAY SAVINGS… Save BIG on Internet Shopping

Saturday Savings

Just a quickie post for today to share some VERY interesting information with you so you can get those online chores done and move on to adding LIFE to your years!

Many of us are finish our holiday shopping online.  One thing that always frustrates me is ‘am I getting the best deal?’  I spend a LOT of time bouncing from store to store, search engine to search engine, and coupon site to coupon site, trying to find the best deals.

This morning, I came across an article by a well-respected Consumer reporting entity that describes several apps that you can install to guide you to the best prices and deals.  Among them, was a call out to Amazon (of course), and the suggestion to try out Amazon Prime on their 30-day FREE promotion.  I was a very skeptical Prime subscriber when I signed up about a year ago, but the savings on fast shipping and ease and savings on returns has made it well worth the membership fee for me.  BUT, now, you can try it without fee or obligation for 30 days.  That means, you can get FREE fast shipping on MOST of the items you need for holiday entertaining, decorating and gifting!  At the end of the 30 days, just cancel the trial membership if you want (I didn’t after MY trial – I liked the service too much!).  Make sure, though, that you mark your calendar to remind yourself to cancel (I’d suggest doing it at the 25 day mark so you don’t forget).

Another great tool that Amazon has right now is what I call “The Wacky Gift Finder.”  It’s a page with ‘unusual’ and unique gift suggestions.  Who, after all, doesn’t NEED to get a Star Trek coffee tumbler for their favorite Trekkie?  Click on the link, have fun exploring, and finish up your shopping, or just give yourself a good giggle!

Interesting Gift IDeas

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