So, last night I had the extreme displeasure of seeing a rather talentless production of a truly fun show, “Mamma Mia!” Thankfully, I’ve seen the show before (Los Angeles and Broadway, not to mention the all-star movie). Now, for anyone who has seen this show before, you’ll know that the songs aren’t incredibly difficult to sing (heck, we ALL sing them in our cars and in the shower – go ahead, admit it, you KNOW it’s true!), but this Hollywood Bowl ‘all-star’ cast, under the direction of the usually capable, Kathleen Marshall, was a triple threat – they couldn’t sing, they couldn’t act, and they couldn’t dance! So, on to today’s SUNDAY SHOWSTOPPER SNIPPET, “MAMMA MIA!”

Mamma Mia ran for 14 years on Broadway, making it the 8th longest running show in Broadway history (although after Wicked’s Wednesday night show on August 16th, it will drop to 9th longest running show on Broadway). The original Broadway cast was led by Louise Pitre, Judy Kaye, and Karen Mason, who played Donna and her 2 girl group members from her youth (now middle-aged and hilarious). Although the show was overlooked for any top-tier awards, it DID receive several nominations in 2002, including Best Musical, Best Leading Actress (Louise Pitre) and Best Supporting Actress (Judy Kaye). This snippet is, for me, one of the best numbers of the show – it shows the lifelong bond between three women who, despite the years and distances between visits, know that they always have a ‘sister’ they can count on. Reminds me of a few special friends in my life!

Enjoy this performance – I DARE you not to sing this all day long!

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