FOTO FRIDAY… Fall’s Last Hurrah

Last Shots of Fall

Foto Friday

My favorite season is just about over. The leaves are fading, littering my yard with red, yellow and brown, and, soon, my favorite time of year will be just a memory.
I decided to showcase a few of my favorite shots from this fall for today’s Foto Friday. These were taken in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and in some of these shots, I got a little wet while taking them.
I can’t resist small cascades in fall, and to get to them, I have to traverse the stream, sometimes hopping from rock to rock. I just need to remember that leaves on rocks = Theresa falling (rather gracefully) on her backside! One of these days, I’ll remember. Until then, I’ll wear waterproof pants!
[And, NO, I’m not including the shots of me on my backside, holding my camera above my head to keep it dry!]

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