Dolly, Liza and Sylvia, my three little girls, all named for Broadway shows!


We live in complicated and tumultuous times. Without getting too ‘political’ (as that is NOT what this blog is for), many are finding their faith in the good and decency of humankind being challenged, and their spirit and optimism being crushed in all of the noise. There is, of course, comfort in the arms of a loved one – a good friend or family member, but, for me, one of the best places to dry my tears, to feel the warmth of pure love, is in the cuddle, smile and wag of my dogs. Yes, we LOVE to play with them, walk with them, and discuss very serious matters with them (when nobody is watching), but, when our hearts are breaking, nothing beats that good snuggle or the little kiss on the nose (given or received). I have three absolutely adorable poochies (they are cartooned in the header of this blog, and pictured here, as well) – in my mind, they are the BEST dogs in the world! They have always been in my corner when I was sick or worried or sad, and I will always be in theirs! There is a quote I’ve heard – not sure where, and not sure if I’m remembering it precisely, but it says “some people will never understand how much I love my dogs, but that’s ok – my dogs know!”

So, after you read this column, go grab your dog (or cat, or horse), give him or her a nice big squeeze and kiss on the nose, and be glad that you have that one thing on earth that will always love you more than you love yourself.

ASSIGNMENT: PLEASE POST A PICTURE OR VIDEO OF YOUR SPECIAL 4-LEGGED FRIEND IN THE COMMENTS SO WE CAN ALL BASK IN THEIR CUTENESS, and feel free to tell us how you REALLY feel about them! (Photo and Video comments are only available on the Facebook feed.)

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