FOTO FRIDAY… Fall in the Breathtaking Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia

Foto FridayFall. My favorite time of year!

Don’t get me wrong – I love all of the seasons. Love the snow and winter wonderland of the trees. Love the emergence of the flowers and the colors of the leaves in spring. And, love summer for the flowers everywhere you go. But fall has my heart. I love the cool crisp mornings, sweaters, boots, and the reds, yellows and golds of the trees putting on a display that shouldn’t be missed.

One of my favorite places to experience fall is in Virginia’s beautiful Blue Ridge mountains. The last few years we’ve headed down at the beginning of October to witness the spectacular changing of the trees. It’s a photographers dream!

In the Blue Ridge, if it’s not quite peak where you are, you just drive a little distance – whether north, south, up, or down, and you will find trees displaying their glory. ​

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an amazing road – and the perfect place to experience autumn. At over 100 miles long, a photographer can’t help but to make several stops along the way to capture the natural beauty.

The shot bellow was taken after a 1/2 mile hike, straight up hill from the parkway. It was actually more of a run than a hike – we had to race to get up to the ideal vantage point to catch the sunset!

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Whether hiking, visiting waterfalls, or just driving the parkway, the Blue Ridge is magical. It’s my happy place.

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